Partners - Trebag

TREBAG Intellectual Property- and Project Manager Ltd. is a Hungarian private company and living lab with huge network locally and regionally among stakeholders and actors in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. The company was established in 1989 as a German-Hungarian company. Since 1994, the owners of TREBAG Ltd. are Hungarian private persons. TREBAG has been a significant actor in the field of VET with main focus on the liaison between youth and the business sector.

It has a great stock of experience, know-how and contacts in the following fields:
• development of vocational training materials and methodologies including e-learning
• carrying out trainings
• implementation of technology transfer and innovation chain management
• management of various R&D projects
• R+D and innovation management consultancy
• quality management consultancy
• dissemination and demonstration activities
• adult education

TREBAG has wide experience in European projects and transnational cooperation for 15 years with special focus on innovation, R+D and training. The company has participated in around 50 projects in LLL in KA4, KA3, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig programs and 5 projects in the 4th-5th Framework Programmes so far.

TREBAG established and operates the Innovation Lodge and the Wellbeing Living Lab in Nagykovacsi, which is a member of the European Network of Living Labs (, and cooperates with an extended network of local and regional organizations including the Municipality, several schools, community centres, companies and VET providers.

We promoted a Leonardo project on plant protection that was awarded on the eFestival in Hungary (2005), we won the European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia prize on the CEEBIT (2006), while in 2014 the OpenInn project was selected among the best European projects among many and we won the Prize of excellence 2017 for educational gamified material.

TREBAG has a wide network of car industry suppliers: the company provides trainings on innovation management and mentors the implementation of innovation management standard CEN/TS 16555 at suppliers since 2015.
The company has a well-developed system for administration, project management, evaluation and finance.

DEMETRA is coordinated by Andrea Kövesd, managing director ( and Zsófia Bulla, innovation manager (