Multiplier event in Kecskemét (HU)

Conference held it 3rd of July 2020, in Kecskemét. Tilte of conference was: gamification in education.

Pursuant to the original plan, the multiplier event would have been organized in Budapest, on the 27th of March. The conference room, and participants were booked accordingly. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic however, the plans had to be cancelled, and rearrangements began later, approximately in mid-June. The main difficulty was caused by the fact, that even in June, only family gatherings were allowed, and the possible participants, especially those from Budapest, did not show interest in the traditional conference layout of the multiplier event, as they would have preferred a safer, online solution.

When choosing the new venue for the conference, we have taken these concerns into account, as well as aiming to meet adequate technical conditions, and the possibility to arrange the meeting outdoors. Based on the data available to us, the Kujáni Tanya in Kecskemét had been chosen as the new venue of the multiplier event, for the estate provided the possibilities of both outdoor and indoor meeting opportunities.