Partners - PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt.

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. (PEMÜ) is a Hungarian plastic processing company located in Solymár. The owners of the company are Hungarian. It is a continuously developing large company founded in 1959, which is currently a front-rank company in Hungarian plastic processing industry.

During its long history PEMÜ applied almost every possible technology of plastic processing. Nowadays injection moulding, polyurethane foaming, special plastic processing and extrusion are its main profile, but PEMÜ also has tool production and its own maintenance plant.

In the previous years PEMÜ received several awards, for example:

  • PEMÜ was the best partner of Hungarian Suzuki in Kaizen activity in 2013.
  • PEMÜ received the excellent practical training center award in vocational education from the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • PEMÜ received the best supplier of 2016 award from Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency

The education of the new generation has always been very important for PEMÜ, currently PEMÜ deals with the practical training of more than 130 vocational students.

PEMÜ has been participating in the theoretical and practical training of the youth and adult education for several decades. PEMÜ is determined to establish the basis of the vocational training for a long term to ensure its own skilled workforce and the needs of the neighboring companies. In order to achieve the above aim, a few years ago PEMÜ carried out a significant vocational training center development at the site of the company on 1.200 m2.

Currently the students receive the practical training in the vocational training center of PEMÜ in 3 grades and 5 profession groups (plastic processor, moulded item produces, precision mechanics technician, computer mechanic, milling machine operator).