Pilot training of mentors in Slovakia

Pilot training of mentors, instructors, and foremen of vocational training, 16-17 October , 2019, Esox-plast, L.t.d., Uhorská Ves, Slovakia

A 2-day pilot training for 8 mentors, instructors, and foremen of vocational training within a project DEMETRA was organised by a company Esox-plast, L.t.d. The training was aimed at application of gamification methods in practical training of dual education. A Slovak project partner, a company A-OMEGA, L.t.d., was responsible for preparation of curriculum for this training. Its own trainer and a skilled trainer from the company Esox-plast presented the gamification principles and methods, mainly through experience learning. Participants of the training agreed on creation of their own curriculum for selected subject and method/s and will apply it on their students. They will meet again on November 11th, 2019 and will discuss the usage of applied methods, their experience and feedback on teaching process within common discussion and open feedback.