The conference was named DISCUSS LEARNING – “Vocational Education and Enterprises: Forming tomorrow’s employees”, since its scope was to promote discussions between education organisations, policy makers and the world of business.  Mr. Grigorios Chatziantoniou made an opening presentation of the DEMETRA project and described the competence catalogue for corporate mentors/instructors, and the DEMETRA Model. Another speaker was Mrs. Vana Fikari from Idec SA, who presented good practices – a guide for companies, which were the presentation of the collected case studies from DEMETRA project. 

The total presigned participants of the conference were 118 and 48 of them participated at the day of the conference. What made as an impression, is that during and after the speeches, participants to the conference made interventions and directed questions to the speakers. The active participation of the audience is what we wanted to achieve and in fact we managed to trigger discussions between the word of work and policy makers.