The short-term joint staff training took place between the 26th of February 2019 and the 1st of March 2019. It focused on gamification methodology and Z generation, how to apply gamification in WBL. It was held in order to review and test the developed training materials, and to train our partners’ training staff on how to deliver it in companies in different countries.

This was a good opportunity to reflect more deeply on the usefulness of the project and the potential impact on our target group. The participants of the course took an insight glimpse of the methodology and the Guidebook on topics of learning and teaching methods, especially at the DEMETRA model for plastic sector.

Each project partner was represented. TREBAG involved external gamification experts and a trainer to deliver a high quality training.

Main topics of the training:

26th February

  • Zsombor Fekete, gamification expert presented the Gamification matrix, then led a workshop, which put the gamification matrix in action. Each participant wrote down one of their current challenges.
  • David Skaliczky, trainer led a training on personal competences development

27th -28th February – Ádám Pusztai, gamification expert

  • The Basics of Gamification
  • Educational Models
  • The DEMETRA Model
  • In the first session of the DEMETRA Model participants learned how to apply the Bloom Taxonomy in their own educational process and how to use the CMA matching technique. They created some basic activities as well.
  • In the second session the participants constructed a class from scratch. They designed their own game loops, their point system, their own badges, and their evaluation. The main goal of this session was to make the participants understand how the Model works in real life.

1st March – TREBAG staff

  • Gamification elements in practice / group dynamics
  • Discussion of next steps and the Interim Report of DEMETRA
  • Closing session: evaluation & feedback