3rd Transnational Meeting

The 3rd transnational partners' meeting was held in Bratislava, the Slovak capital city on 9th to 10th of October, 2018.
The first part of the meeting was aimed at presentation of realised activities connected with the fulfilment of the first project result „Competence catalogue for corporate mentors/instructors“ as well as at distribution of tasks of parts of the second project intellectual outcome „Guidebook for mentors/instructors“ and "Case study collection".

The second meeting day was oriented on project management, topics such as dissemination, elaboration of Interim report, administration and financial issues.

The project manager of the company A-OMEGA presented an overview of Plastics in Slovakia and made the project partners more familiar with its history, structure, challenges and trends. At  the same time she led a workshop on a nowadays very discussed topic „Gamification“. She spoke about its usage, key elements and how to craft a gamification strategy, and she also introduced a game player classification system, gamification levels and application in the workplace. Together with the manager of A-OMEGA, they presented a possible application of gamification in a form of an educational simulation software focusing on hard skills in the field of injection moulding technology in plastic processing, which will be used as one of the case studies being an outcome of the project DEMETRA.

The next transnational meetig is planned to take place in Greece in first half of June 2019.